Application Instructions

  1. Make sure that the surface is clean. Windex or isopropyl alcohol usually does the trick, but make sure you let it dry.
  2. Then take your Owl & Anchor squeegee (or similar item) and rub it over the surface of the decal to make sure it is firmly sticking to the transfer paper. Start to pull off the transfer paper slowly and if any part of the decal is not sticking to it rub it more with the squeegee. Use firm and even pressure. 
  3. Once the decal is on the transfer paper,  place it slowly on the item you want it to adhere to. Decals are not reusable or reposition-able - so be sure of placement.  Once again use the squeegee to smooth it out and make sure it is stuck to the item. 
  4. Pull up the transfer paper back slowly at a 45 degree angle  and the decal will be adhered to your item.
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